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TSP-1 Demo Windows 7 Firewall Trouble

Last Updated:06/01/2017


I'm having trouble with the TPS-1 demo on the Starter Kit with Windows 7. How do I fix this?


The trouble with Windows 7 is the firewall, which blocks the communication. Therefore the best way is to disable the Windows 7 firewall, if you have full administration rights.

If you can not disable the complete firewall due to lack of administration rights, you can allow the tools to communicate through Windows firewall as follows:

Open the "Control Panel" in Windows 7.
Choose "System and Security".
Choose "Windows Firewall".
Choose "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall".
Find the TPS-1 relevant tools (PROFINET IO Control, TFTP Server, TPS FWUpdater) and click, at minimum, the "Public" button to allow access through the Windows firewall.

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