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Is it okay to skip ROMization when implementing ROMization to order?

Latest Updated:04/01/2006


Is it OK to skip ROMization when using an emulator to debug, and to implement ROMization when ordering the ROM instead?


No, ROMization should occur at the debugging stage where the emulator is used.
If it is not included then, there is a chance that, during the debugging process, variables with initial values may lose their initial values after operating the program again from a reset.
(With an emulator, even variables that have initial values are directly downloaded to RAM as objects, which is when their initial values are stored in RAM. However, when a variable is modified while debugging, the modified value remains. When the program is reset or re-executed (retried) in this event, the program operation changes since the modified value replaces the original initial value. Only when these new initial values have already been ROMized they can be copied and used as the correct values.)
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