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How to operate device generated by HEX that is loaded with module file

Latest Updated:04/01/2006


When the HEX file generated at the same time as the load module file operating on the emulator is written to the flash memory on the device, the device does not operate.
(The device does not operate even after reset is applied.)


If the same object operates on the emulator and not in the flash memory, assuming that there is no problem with the flash programming, then the following are some of the possible causes that may be considered.

(1) Variables with an initial value are not correctly initialized. (ROMization was not performed correctly.)
(2) The clock does not oscillate properly.
(3) Power-on reset is not functioning properly. (The time is too short.)
(4) Resources that are not included on the device are used.
(5) There is a problem with the power supply capacity.(The emulator only monitors the power supply and does not use the target device's power supply.)

In addition, with regard to flash memory:

(6) Errors may have occurred when writing to flash memory.
(7) Vpp pin handling may be incorrect.(In the mask ROM version, IC pin handling may be incorrect.)

Items (2) and (3), which are hardware-related issues, are items that cannot be evaluated with the emulator.
Please check these points as hardware.
If simple programs can be successfully run, it is unlikely that the problem is a hardware-related one.

Item (4) is also related to the emulator settings.
Is the program size greater than the device memory, or is emulation memory allocated in the emulator?

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