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Why does a WAIT notification appear as i set the clock?

Latest Updated:06/20/2013


After returning from software standby mode/deep software standby mode, I set the clock and executed a WAIT instruction, but it did not operate as expected.


After writing to the system clock control register (SCKCR), transitions to software standby mode are prohibited until completion of the change in frequency.
Subsequent operation is not guaranteed if a transition to software standby mode is attempted while the frequency is being changed. The interval between writing to the SCKCR and issuing of the WAIT instruction must take up at least 11 cycles of the system clock (ICLK).
Other notes regarding use of the clock generation circuit can be found under "Usage Notes" in the "Clock Generation Circuit" chapter of the hardware manual. Please also refer to them.
Suitable Products
RX62N, RX621