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What micro controller receives if data is faster than specific rate

Latest Updated:01/23/2014


During asynchronous communication, if the received data is of a faster rate than the specified communication rate, what does the microcontroller receive? (does an error occur?)


Even if the transfer rate differs from the specified rate, when the start bit is input reception begins, and the received data is sampled at the transfer rate which was set. The results are transferred to the receive data register (RDR). Consequently the result may be different from the expected data.

A transfer error occurs if the following conditions are met.
When 0 is received at the same time that the stop bit is sampled, a framing error occurs. The framing error flag (SSR.FER) is set to 1.
If a parity error occurs in the received data when a parity check is performed while the parity enable bit (SMR.PE) is 1, the parity error flag (SSR.PER) is set to 1.

Suitable Products
RX63N, RX631