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Requirement for IoT edge devices or system control applications

Last Updated:11/13/2017


What are design engineers requested to do for their IoT edge device or system control applications?
What can the RX65N/RX651 provide so that design engineers can respond to this request?


Design engineers, are often asked to integrate small thin-film-transistor (TFT) displays into their IoT edge devices or system control applications. These displays allow users to monitor machine behavior through a modern low-cost HMI solution.
The RX65N/RX651 is an ideal solution for controlling these displays as it features an embedded TFT controller and an integrated 2D graphic accelerator to provide advanced graphics features and high-performance applications. Selecting a WQVGA display size allows the large 640kB of on-chip RAM to be used as display frame buffer, which saves external RAM, ensuring a cost-optimized design.
Suitable Products
RX65N, RX651