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Radio Law Certifications of Each Region of the RL78/G1D module

Last Updated:09/20/2017


On the website, in regards to the RL78/G1D module (RY7011) it states, "The module has obtained Radio Law (Japan, FCC, IC, and CE) certification". Does a product using the RY7011 not require these certification procedures?


・For European wireless products, compliance testing and CE marking based on the European Radio Directive are required. Additional tests and cost differ depending on the final product, please contact the certification testing organization.
・The RL78/G1D module is in conformance with the CE radio test. The Technical Construction File (TCF) for the CE wireless test of the RL78 / G1D module can be provided by Renesas.
・For the Radio Law of other regions (Japan, FCC, IC), qualification of the RL78/G1D module also applies to the final product, so tests are unnecessary. The certification information of the RL78/G1D module for each of those standards is the followings:
  Japan: Type certification (authentication number: 007-AE0104)
    Search site (*only Japanese)
  U.S.: FCC (FCC ID: 2AEMXY7011A00000)
  Canada: IC (20194-Y7011A00000)
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