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e² studio Terminates in Seconds at Startup

Last Updated:11/15/2017


When trying to start the e² studio, the splash screen appears for a second but soon disappears, then nothing happens.


Open the following file with using the Memo Pad (without starting the e² studio).
<Installation folder of the e² studio>\eclipse\e2studio.ini
Then replace "-Xmx1024m" by other settings such as "-Xmx768m" and "-Xmx512m."

Supplementary note:
The above setting -Xmx specifies a virtual memory capacity in the Java execution environment. However, in some PC environment a desired capacity may not be secured as specified. This causes a startup failure of a Java virtual machine and the problem in this question.
As changing the set value to smaller, you will be able to start the e² studio. However, if it is set too small, performance may be decreased, or some of the plug-ins may not operate. To avoid this, adjust the setting within the range of 512 to 1024.

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