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Enabling Code Generation on e² studio

Last Updated:03/08/2017


How do I enable code generation on e² studio?


The Code Generation feature uses a COM object (a Component Object Module), and only one registration is permitted per PC. 
If e² studio has been installed two or more times on one PC, an issue may arise because only one COM registration is valid and this registration is typically associated with the last instance of e² studio installed.  Another potential concern that could lead to COM registration failure is if there is insufficient user authentication, as it requires registry access.  While running the COM registration, make certain to “Run as Administrator.”


To enable Code Generation within a specific instance of e² studio, you need to register the COM object.


Step 1. Find the Code Generator plugin folder at the following location, in the e² studio installation folder:

../eclipse/plugins/com.renesas.cg_<version and date>/CodeGenerator/Tools

(for example, in e² studio V4.3.0.008, the folder name is ../eclipse/plugins/com.renesas.cg_2.1.1.201601131147/CodeGenerator/Tools)

Step 2. Launch CGRegister.exe found within the folder above.  Again, select "Run as Administrator" if prompted.

The message "COM component registered successfully." will appear when the COM object has been registered successfully.  You will then be able to use the Code Generation tool within e² studio.

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