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Output the API for the source code using a code generator

Last Updated:05/17/2017


I can't output the API for the source code even though I’ve set the peripheral function using the code generator plug-in as well as trying with AP4's code generation. What am I doing wrong?


For some of the API functions, you can set the source code output by selecting it, resulting in reducing code size.
You can determine whether or not to generate source code in units of API functions in the context menu - [Code preview].

1.    Go to the Project Tree panel and select [Project name (Project)] >> [Code Generator (Design Tool)] >> [Code Preview] >> Peripheral function node>> Source code node >> API function node. Then right click the mouse and select “Generate Code” in the context menu.

*1: Some devices do not have [Code Preview] in the Project Tree panel. In case of that, see [Code Generator Preview] by following the instructions here
*2: The above screen shot is from CS+, but you can set the source code output for e² studio, AP4, and Applilet3 in the same way.

2.    The API function set by the instructions in the above step has been set to output the source code. You can confirm the output settings using the icon of the API function.



Suitable Products
e² studio
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
Code Generator