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Moving the Variable Information Set in the Watch Panel_CS+

Last Updated:12/20/2017


I am using the CS+ integrated development environment.
I would like to use the data (such as variables) set in the watch panel on another PC. Is there any way to do that?


In CS+, the setting information in the watch panel can be inherited by using the following procedure.

- On the source PC
     1) Select the watch panel.
     2) Select the [File] menu, and then [Save Watch Data As…].
     3) Select [import-possible CSV] for the file type and save the settings.

- On the destination PC
     4) Read the copied project.
     5) Open the watch panel, and then select [Import Watch Expression] from the context menu (displayed by right-clicking the mouse).
     6) Read the CSV file that was saved in 3).

For details about the watch panel of CS+ for CC, see the relevant Debug Tool manual for each family.
- RL78 family
- RX family
- RH850 family

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
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