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Is there a limit on using CubeSuite+ link for any RL78 family libraries?

Latest Updated:10/24/2014


Are there any restrictions on using the [Link Options] tabbed page of CubeSuite+ to control the allocation of self-RAM areas for one of the following libraries for the RL78 family ?

  • Flash Self Programming Library Type01
  • Data Flash Library Type04
  • EEPROM Emulation Library Pack01
  • EEPROM Emulation Library Pack02


Although the size of the self-RAM area required when using a library depends on the RL78 MCU and library you are using, the setting for the size in [Link Options] is a fixed 1024 bytes.
If the self-RAM area has a size other than 1024 bytes, this is not specified in [Link Options] but in the link directive file.

Download the list at the link below to check the required size of the self-RAM area for the product and library you are using.

Suitable Products
Renesas Flash Programmer
Flash Self Programming Libraries