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Is it possible to start the Renesas Flash Programmer by using CS+?

Latest Updated:06/14/2017


Is it possible to start the Renesas Flash Programmer by using CS+?


When you are using V3.00.00 or a later version of CS+ in combination with V2.05.00 or a later version (except for V3.00.00 and V3.01.00) of the Renesas Flash Programmer, either of the following methods is available.

  • Register the Renesas Flash Programmer as an external tool of CS+ and start it from its menu item or icon in CS+.
  • Relate a project of Renesas Flash Programmer V3 or a workspace of Renesas Flash Programmer V2 to an individual project in CS+.


Follow the procedure below after creating the CS+ project.

  1. Select [Options…] from the [Tool] menu.
  2. The [Option] dialog box opens. Select the category [General] _ [External Tools].
  3. Click on the [New] button.
  4. Specify each area as described below and click on the [OK] button.
    Menu name: any name (Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05 is specified here.)
    Command path: installation folder for the Renesas Flash Programmer (C:\Program Files\Renesas Electronics\Programming Tools\Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05\RFP.exe is specified here.)
    Startup options: %ActiveProjectDir%\%ActiveProjectName%.rws /force
    Startup folder: %ActiveProjectDir%
    Select the checkbox for [Use Output panel] (do not select other checkboxes).
  5. Click on [Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05] after checking that it has been registered with the [Tool] menu.
  6. The Renesas Flash Programmer is started and the [Create New Workspace] dialog box opens. Create a workspace by following the instructions of the wizard.
  7. The next time you start the Renesas Flash Programmer, the workspace that you have previously created will be opened with the relation.

Supplementary information:

  • After the above procedure, a workspace for the Renesas Flash Programmer will be newly created and related to each active project even if you add a CS+ project.
  • Workspace Name and Project Name in the [Create New Workspace] dialog box for the Renesas Flash Programmer are project names of CS+ that have been fixed. The Folder in which such workspaces or projects are created is where CS+ has been created and is fixed.
  • It is possible to display an icon for [Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05] in the [Tool] menu on the toolbar.
  • If you are using CS+ for CC (RL78, RX, RH850) V3.01.00 or a later version and Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05.01 or a later version, adding the /filter option to the startup options as shown below will input the name of the MCU you have selected for use with CS+ to the “Filter:” box of “Create New Workspace” of the Renesas Flash Programmer.

Startup options :%ActiveProjectDir%%ActiveProjectName%.rws /force /filter:%ActiveProjectMicomName%

Examples of input to the “Filter:” box
-RX when selecting the RX family for use with CS+
-RH850 when selecting the RH850 family for use with CS+
-R5F1006A when selecting R5F1006A of the RL78/G13 group for use with CS+

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
Renesas Flash Programmer