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I can't use some of the CS+ functions after installing

Last Updated:12/20/2017


I have installed CS+ for the first time. However, I am unable to use some of its functions.


When CS+ is newly installed, plug-ins of CS+ (for analytical functions, code generation, etc.) are turned off by default. Turn on the plug-ins you require after starting CS+ in the following way.

Select [Plug-in Setting...] from the [Tool] menu in CS+ and select checkboxes for the plug-ins you require in the dialog box that has been opened.

For details for the dialog of Plug-in Setting, see this information.

However, in CS+ V6.00.00 and later, the plug-ins listed in the Additional Function tab on the Plug-in Manager dialog box are enabled by default. When the CS+ is installed and started for the first time, it operates in this default state.

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)