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How to enable ID code protection without deleting data stored in ROM?

Latest Updated:10/24/2014


After I use CS+ (CubeSuite+) to debug an RX MCU, using the flash programming tools listed below to program the ROM (flash memory for storing code) leads to the values in data flash memory (flash memory for storing data) being erased.
I had already enabled the ID code protection function in the boot mode at the time.

  • Renesas Flash Programmer
  • PG-FP5


In debugging with CS+ (CubeSuite+) and the E1 or E20, programming an ID code in the MCU’s internal flash memory is not possible, even by downloading a program including an ID code for ID code protection in the boot mode. The ID code protection function is used as a trigger for erasing flash memory in products of the RX family. Thus, ID code protection is judged to be disabled when the flash programing tool is connected to an MCU of the RX family that has been used for debugging, and the ROM and data flash memory of the MCU are entirely erased.

If you will need the data in the data flash area after debugging, upload the data by using a debugger before connecting the flash programming tool.

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
Renesas Flash Programmer