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Error message: CC-RX compiler V. 2 section address out of range

Latest Updated:10/29/2014


When I use the CC-RX compiler V. 2, it produces the following error message. What should I do about it ?
F0563100: Section address overflow out of range : "section"


Review the setting for the [Section start address] (-start option) on the [Link Options] tabbed page.
The section for which the error is indicated exceeded the upper boundary of the address area (0xFFFFFFFF) which is available for products of the RX family.
When an optimization option is specified at linking, an error message will also be output if the result of linking exceeds the upper boundary of the address area which is available for the RX family before optimization at the time of linking has been performed.
When you use a library file and link an unreferenced symbol, try to use the following method as a countermeasure.
Divide object files which are to be registered in library files into units of functions (one function per file).
The reason for this is as follows. In case of reference to a function among multiple functions defined in an object file (.obj) which has been registered in a library file, the function will be the target for linking in the unit of files. The result is that unreferenced functions are also targets for linking before optimization.
Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family