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Compiling error when using code from the peripheral driver generator (PDG)

Last Updated:05/17/2017


When I added the file generated by the peripheral driver generator (PDG) to CS+ (or e² studio) and compiled it, I got the error: “E0562310; Undefined external symbol 'symbol' referenced in 'file'.” How do I solve this?


1.    If the PDG has not been installed in the PC environment in which you are building now, install the PDG by downloading it from the link below.

2.    Check if the RPDL library file has been added to the project. Refer to FAQ 1010977 to see how to check the RPDL library. If you cannot reference the functions in the RPDL library being referenced from the source file generated by the PDG, it means the error “E0562310; Undefined external symbol 'symbol' referenced in 'file'” has occurred.

3.    As you specify the notification function name on the PDG and then the corresponding event is called, the specified function will be called. Create the notification function with the definition below.

void <the interrupt notification function name> (void)


Suitable Products

e² studio
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
High-performance Embedded Workshop
Peripheral Driver Generator
Renesas Peripheral Driver Library
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