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"1st" Folder Created during Building _RL78 Family and CS+

Last Updated:12/20/2017


I am developing an RL78 Family program by using the CS+ for CC integrated development environment. A folder named "1st" is created during building. What is the purpose of this folder?


A possible reason is that in the [Link Options] tab for CS+, [Yes] is selected for [Output variables/functions information header file].
In this setting, separate folders are provided to perform similar processing (such as compilation) twice as shown below.

(1) Compilation for outputting variables/functions information
(2) Linking for creating a variables/functions information header file
(3) Compilation with the variables/functions information header file specified
(4) Linking using the object in (3) above
Here, the objects output in (1) and (2) are created in the "1st" folder.
The objects output in (3) and (4) are created in the folder specified by [Intermediate file output folder] in the [Common Options] tab or the folder specified as the linker output folder.

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
RL78 Family
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