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Migration from HEW to CS+_RX MCU

Last Updated:12/06/2017


I am planning to move tools for projects created by the High-performance Embedded Workshop (hereafter called HEW) (version to CS+ according to the method of migration from HEW to CS+.

I want to see what is selected in the existing HEW project for the CPU part number displayed in the list of "MCU to use". However, I cannot find where the part number is recorded in the HEW.
How can I find it?


When creating a project in HEW (version, you select the CPU series (e.g. RX600) and CPU type (e.g. RX62N). Therefore, the information of the CPU part name does not exist in a project in HEW.
Select the CPU part name you are using when starting migration of tools.
Suitable Products
RX Family
High-performance Embedded Workshop