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What should be the right selection for the connection of uPC1093?

Latest Updated:11/01/2007


What should one be careful about when selecting R1 and R2, R0 shown for the standard connection of the uPC1093?


Regarding R1 and R2, set the resistance value so that the reference current flowing to the REF pin can be fully secured. However, if these resistances are set to low values, wasteful power is consumed (VIN → R0 → R1 → R2 → GND).
On the other hand, if these resistances are set to values that are too large, the IREF current cannot be secured.
Select appropriate values taking these two points into consideration.

R0 is determined by the voltage difference between VIN and VOUT and the value of the current flowing from K to A.
Suitable Products
bipolar comparators
Shunt Regulators