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Why are safety standards needed for Renesas photocoupler and optical MOSFETs?

Last Updated:11/06/2017


Renesas Electronics' photocoupler and optical MOSFET products meet many overseas safety standards. Why is this necessary?


There are regulations applying to the isolation of the primary circuit and secondary circuit in sets incorporating photocouplers (power supplies, FA devices, etc.). The photocoupler accomplishes this isolation function. Therefore, if the photocouplers meet these regulations the sets themselves may be exempted from the relevant qualification tests. This is why Renesas Electronics has developed photocouplers to meet these overseas safety regulations.

The status of each of Renesas Electronics' photocoupler and optical MOSFET product in terms of meeting overseas safety regulations can be checked at the following URLs.

[Optical MOS FETs]
Suitable Products
Blue-Violet Laser
Optical Sensors
Optical Storage Devices
Fiberoptic Devices
Photocouplers / Optocouplers
Solid State Relays (OCMOS FETs)