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How much variation is there in reception sensitivity of the uPC2800A?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


How much variation is there in the reception sensitivity of the uPC2800A ?
The center frequency when using the PH302 photodetector from Renesas Electronics is 70kHz.
An 800Ω resistor and 0.01uF capacitor are inserted in series at pin 7.


The distance variation will be between about 0.65 times to 1.45 times the center value.
The following characteristics affect the sensitivity.

(1) Variation of input resistance
The current of the current signal generated by the PIN photodiode and converted into a voltage signal differs depending on the variation of the input resistance.
The sensitivity will vary from about -3dB to +2.5dB in accordance with the resistance variation.
(2) Voltage gain variation
There is a variation of about ±4dB in the voltage gain.
(3) Variation of detector
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