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Renesas Synergy MCUs

Latest Updated:07/18/2016
Renesas Synergy MCUs
Renesas Synergy MCUs provide the bedrock on which the Synergy Platform is built

S1 SeriesUltra-low power MCUs enabling incredibly long battery life in portable applications or applications that must survive a long time in standby mode are possible from the S1 Series without sacrificing analog capabilities, secure connectivity, and robust safety.

S3 Series: Enhanced CPU processing power, secure connectivity, advanced analog and timing control, safety self-test features, segment LCD and capacitive touch control, all built on a very low power silicon process are prime ingredients for smart IoT sensors and localized control.

S5 Series: A secure connectivity suite, large memory and serial memory expansion, high-accuracy analog, TFTLCD graphics with 2D engine and many built-in safety functions make S5 MCUs ready for extremely capable embedded control applications across the board.

S7 Series: Blazing fast processor core plus secure connectivity and industry-leading large memory sizes opens up developers’ options on design of a many of connected IoT applications, breaking through limitations previously faced by developers and engineering teams.


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