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What do I need to do to migrate projects to SSP V1.1.0-alpha.1 and e2 studio 5.0 from SSP V1.0.0 and e2 studio 4.2?

Latest Updated:10/11/2016


How do I migrate my project from e2 studio 4.2 and SSP V1.0.0 to the new e2 stusio 5.0 and SSP V1.1.0-alpha.1?


Migrating from e2 studio 4.2 and SSP V1.0.0 to e2 studio 5.0 and SSP V1.1.0-alpha depends on the configuration of your project.  We have created a handy migration guide to help you quickly move to the newest version of the Synergy Software Package development environment. Simply download the migration guide and follow it VERY CAREFULLY. Don't skim over the guide, you might miss something important and end up wasting time. If you follow the guide carefully and diligently you will have your old project looking all shiny and new in just a new minutes!

And don't forget to back up your project before you begin the migration. It's always best to have a back-up just in case.