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What are the JTAG switch settings for Synergy kits to enable debugging?

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


What are the switch settings I need on my Synergy Kits to enable debugging via JTAG?


In order to enable debugging on Synergy kits you need to make sure the JTAG selection DIP switch is set to the ON position. Here are the appropriate settings for several Synergy Kits. Always review the most recent version of the User Manual for your kit for the most up to date information. 

For the DK-S7G2: set DIP switch 6 (JTAG) on S5 to ON. 

For the SK-S7G2: no switch settings required. 

For the DK-S3A7 Rev 2.0: set DIP switch 7 (JTAG) on S5 to ON.

An Example of the JTAG DIP switch, for the DK-S7G2 is shown below. Note that other kits may have different switch positions.