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Moving GUIX Studio Pixel Map Data

Last Updated:10/13/2017


How do I move GUIX Studio generated pixel map data out of the default location .rodata?


GUIX Studio always generates pixelmap data to be mapped to the .rodata memory section and the section is not configurable. You have to edit the GUIX resources file (_resources.c) manually to move data to another location, such as QSPI Flash.

If you are using e2 studio and GCC: find “__attribute__((aligned(8)))” in the file and modify it to: “__attribute__((aligned(8), section(".qspi_flash")))”

If you are using IAR: find “#pragma data_alignment=8” in the file and modify it to: “#pragma data_alignment=8 #pragma location = “.qspi_flash””


SSP, GUIX Studio
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