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How do you get the Synergy custom BSP creator to work? Im having problems with the app note

Latest Updated:12/14/2017


I'm having a problem creating a Custom BSP using the app note on the Synergy Gallery. What do I need to do? 


There is a missing step in the app note that needs to be added. The change is shown below:

The workaround is to add a step after step 1 in Section 2.3:


[Existing Step 1] After the project has been created, e2 studio must be configured to treat the BSP module as a template module. Only perform this step when working with template pack BSPs.


New #2. Select the Components pane. In the list, check the box next to Common >> all >> ssp_common. Save your project.

[Existing Step 2, New Step 3] 2. Close e2 studio.

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