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How do I get the Weather Panel Template to work on the SK-S7G2 kit with the beta-3 SSP release?

Last Updated: 01/04/2016


How do I get the Weather Panel Template to work on the SK-S7G2 kit in the beta-3 SSP Release?



When you create a project for the Synergy SK-S7G2 kit Weather Panel Template you will find two errors that show up in the main window as seen in the image below, assuming you have the Thread Tabs selected.


The Threads error can be ignored. It is complaining about the D/AVE2D Hardware driver. It is actually available already, but just in the components tab, so the software generates the complaint. No fix is required.


The pins tab also reports and error as seen in the image below.


This error needs to be fixed and it is fixed easily within the Peripherals Pin selection window. The error is shown assigned to the RSPI SPI0_Pin_Option_A  as seen below. This is in conflict with another assignment to the SCI, so disabling SPIO0, by selecting the SPIO0 pin and changing it to Disabled, as shown in the second image, fixes the problem. 



The design still has a couple other issues that need to be fixed. One issue is with the definition of the GX_TICKS_SECOND definition. This needs to be changed to a fixed value of 20. The define was removed in the beta-3 release. You can find this section of code in the src/s7g2_skhmi_event_handler.c.




The last fix to the design is to make sure the compile optimization setting is at None (-O0). You can find this setting by right clicking on the project and then selecting the properties tab at the very bottom of the selection window. Select Settings, as shown in the screen shot below. If Optimization is not set to None (-O0) select that setting and apply the change. The correct setting is shown in the second image below. Once you have made this change you can compile and debug the project without any issues.