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How do I export or import Synergy projects?

Latest Updated:09/15/2016


How do I export or import a Synergy Project?.


After following the steps below you will be able to export and import projects in small and portable packages that you can distribute in compliance with your Renesas Synergy software license.

Exporting project into custom archive

Before you start, open e2studio ISDE and make sure your project is visible in the Project Explorer (on the right-hand side of the window by default)

  1. Right-click the project you wish to export and choose Export.
  2. In the new window, select GeneralFile System and proceed to the next step.
  3. Use Deselect All button to clear the selection
  4. Click the checkboxes by the following entries in the left pane:
    • src directory (but deselecting synergy_gen folder inside it)
    • script directory (only in case project is using a modified linker script)
  5. In the right pane, select the project folder and click the checkboxes next to the following entries in the right pane:
    • configuration.xml file (this will allow the user to re-generate all the other content missing from the archive)
    • *.pincfg file (name will vary by project; used by the Synergy Configurator to create the pin configuration)
    • optionally, you may choose to include .jlink and .launch files in case debug setup is different from default
  6. Click Browse button and pick an appropriate directory name.
  7. Make sure the option Create directory structure for files is selected.
  8. Click Finish to export project content.
  9. Navigate to the export folder using Windows Explorer or other file manager. Make sure you're inside the folder that is named based on the project exported from and that files listed above can be seen on the current screen.
  10. Select all items in the visible folder and right-click on any one of them.
  11. In the context menu, go to Send to/Compressed (zipped) folder.

Congratulations, you have now exported all the files necessary to re-create your project into a single .zip archive.

Importing project from custom archive

  1. Before you can import your exported project, you need to create a new Synergy project from the BSP template.
  2. Select your newly created BSP project and click File > Import.
  3. In the popup window, select General > Archive File and click Next.
  4. Browse to the location of the previously exported archive file and select it.
  5. Make sure the Into folder field holds the name of your target project.
  6. At the bottom of the window, tick Overwrite existing resource without warning checkbox.
  7. Click finish to import the archive contents into the workspace.
  8. Close and re-open configuration.xml in your new project and select Generate Project Content in the top-right corner.
  9. Proceed to build the source to allow running and debugging of the project.


  • The user has to make sure that all of the packages included in the old project are present on the machine where the project is imported.
  • Projects exported using this method cannot be ported onto different target boards without making changes. The user will be required to create a new pin configuration file matching the pin layout for the microcontroller used by that board.