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How can I quickly get started with the Synergy platform?

Latest Updated:09/15/2016


I'd like to get started using the Synergy Platform right away. How can I quickly get started using it?



Follow the below steps to quickly get the Synergy Platform running on your computer.

Step 1: Purchase a Synergy kit if you want to create a design or use an example design on actual hardware (recommended). Purchase for your distributor- just search on their web site for the kit name- "DK-S7G2" for example.

Step 2: Download the SSP software an e2 studio software from the Synergy Gallery:

Step 3: Make sure you follow the installation instructions within the release notes very closely.

Step 4: Check out the SSP User's Manual in the SSP_Documentation folder. Look through it to see how to learn more about SSP.

Step 5: If you have a kit, run through the first Application Example in the SSP User's Manual- Blinky. This example will show you how to link the license file if you still need to and will prove out the driver needed to communicate from your PC to the kit.

Step 6: You are now ready to try other examples available from within SSP. Select an Application Example from the Renesas Synergy web site. Just use the Tools and Kits tab on the left side of the page: Select the Sample Program tab and find an Application Example that targets your kit.

These Application Examples can be good starting points for your own design!