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How to obtain a Synergy Starter Kit


After completing this how-to you will have obtained a Synergy Starter Kit that you can use to evaluate and develop with the Synergy Software Package and all the associated tools and resources. Just follow the below steps to complete this task.

1: Why is a kit required?

In order to fully experience the capabilities of the Synergy Platform we highly recommend you use a Synergy Kit. This will allow you to try out the entire Synergy tool chain including compiling, programming and debugging. You can also run a variety of example projects and see them executing on an actual Synergy MCU. There is no better way to learn about, evaluate and ultimately develop with the Synergy Platform than 'hands-on' using a Synergy Kit.

2: How a kit works with the software tools

A Synergy Kit has a set of hardware resources that work closely with the software tools. The below table shows the hardware resources available for the SK-S7G2 Starter Kit- the most popular Synergy Kit and the one we highly recommend as the first kit you purchase. It has a very useful set of hardware resources for evaluating the entire Synergy platform and includes and LCD for experimenting with the GUI capabilities of the Synergy Platform, an Ethernet port to evaluate the Express Logic NetX protocols that come with SSP, a USB port to evaluate the Express Logic USBX protocol and a host of other capabilities. The table also shows the development tools that work with the SK-S7G2 to simplify project creation, coding, compiling, downloading and debugging.


3: Select a Distributor and order a kit

Renesas makes several different evaluation kits available for the Synergy platform, organized into various categories depending on the kind of evaluation the kit is intended for. New users wanting to familiarize themselves with the entire Synergy platform should start with the SK-S7G2 Starter Kit. This kit features the superset MCU from the high-end S7 family, which can be used to evaluate the full capabilities of the Synergy Software Package.

If you do not already have a SK-S7G2 Starter Kit, it can be ordered from any Renesas distributors worldwide. See the following tables for ordering codes and links to regional distributor sites. Simply select your appropriate distributor and place your order.

North America

Distributor              Part Number (Ordering Number)

Arrow Electronics         YSSKS7G2E30

Avnet                                    YSSKS7G2E30

Digikey                                 YSSKS7G2E30

Future Electronics         YSSKS7G2E30


Distributor                   Part Number (Ordering Number)

Renesas Shop              YSSKS7G2E30


Distributor                     Part Number (Ordering Number)

Marutsu                          YSSKS7G2E30

Chip One Stop               YSSKS7G2E30

Southeast Asia / Oceania

Distributor                    Part Number (Ordering Number)

RS Components            YSSKS7G2E30


4: What to do while your kit is being shipped

You don't need to wait for your kit to continue building out your Synergy Platform ecosystem. You can sign-up and download the software, work with the ISDE to create projects, read over application notes and many other tasks to help you evaluate the Synergy Platform. The next task we recommend is to visit the Synergy Gallery, log-in and download the various software elements used to create the ISDE. Just click on this link to go directly to the How to article describing this task. Link.

If you want to go back to the SSP Getting Started home page click on this link.

Additional Resources

If you want to look at kits in more detail, here are some useful resources that will help you.

  • The Synergy kit home page describes all the resources available on each kit. Link
  • The Synergy kit related videos provide a quick overview of kit capabilities and features. Link
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