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FAQ for Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox Launch

Last Updated:04/13/2018


What information is available for the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox?


1:    What is the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox?

The Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox provides a reference design and starting point to connect to enterprise clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. With the Cloud Toolbox, a user can get connected to an enterprise cloud in 10 minutes or less using the provided reference design. Without the Cloud Toolbox reference design, a user could take weeks or even months to create an end to end IoT application.

As a quick note, for those not familiar with the Renesas Synergy Platform, the platform includes a family of ARM based microcontrollers, qualified software, and frameworks to allow for rapid integration of technologies such as Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth Low Energy.

2:    What does Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox include?

The Cloud Toolbox is delivered as a Synergy Application Project which contains the embedded project files, web dashboard source code, and documentation that describes how to use the Cloud Toolbox.

3:    What hardware can I use to run the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox?

The Cloud Toolbox is supported by the AE-CLOUD1 kit which contains the Synergy S5D9 MCU board, Wi-Fi module, and a Segger J-Link Lite to program the board.

4:    Can the hardware only be used in certain regions?

The AE-CLOUD1 kit has global certifications enabling the kit to be used and sold worldwide. The certifications include the FCC Declaration of Conformity for the US, CE Marking for European Conformity, radio certification for Japan, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive or WEEE Directive for Europe, and RoHS compliance for Europe.

5:    What can a user do with the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox?

The Cloud Toolbox allows you to use the Synergy MQTT and TLS integrations to connect to various cloud services. You can also visualize the sensor data on a private web dashboard that is password protected and use the web dashboard source code to integrate the Cloud Toolbox with your own cloud account. The embedded and web dashboard source code can be modified and customized for your own application.

6:    Which clouds services can I connect to?

Amazon, Microsoft, Google, or the cloud vendor of your choice.

7:    What connectivity options are supported?

You can quickly and easily compare connections using Ethernet and Wi-Fi which are supported by the Synergy Software Application frameworks.

8:    What can I do with the Cloud Toolbox besides running the prebuilt demo?

The Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox can be used as a starting point for an end to end IoT application, you can download the Cloud Toolbox Application project from The Application Project includes e2 studio and IAR versions of the Synergy SSP project, the java source code for the web dashboard, a quick start guide, and an application note with instructions for how to build and modify the embedded and web dashboard source code.

Using the web dashboard is estimated to save 2.25 months and roughly $37,500 that would need to be paid to a web developer to create the same functionality.

9:    What are typical use cases?

Using the Cloud Toolbox as a starting point, a user could build their embedded application using MQTT and TLS and evaluate connection enterprise cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

When users want to create their own IoT Application, they can either deploy their own instance of the Cloud Toolbox to extend it or they can connect to their own instance of the cloud of their choosing.

10:    What are the special features and capabilities of the Cloud Toolbox?

The Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox allows the user to quickly build an end to end IoT application that connects to enterprise cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. 

IoT creates many choices for engineers to evaluate. The Cloud Toolbox helps with evaluating those choices by providing a simple method to quickly connect to the IoT cloud services from Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The Cloud Toolbox provides a simple provisioning process that allows a user to connect in less than 10 minutes. Also the Cloud Toolbox allows users to easily repoint the AE-CLOUD1 to a different cloud service, all without having to reload the code onto the board.

11:    Where can I download the Cloud Toolbox application project?

The Application project can be downloaded by going to

12:    Where can I purchase the AE-CLOUD1 kit?

The AE-CLOUD1 Kit is available now from Renesas Electronics’ worldwide distributors with a recommended resale price of $149 USD. The AE-CLOUD1 kit can be ordered using part number YSAECLOUD1. For more information and to jumpstart development of your next IoT connectivity application, please visit:

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