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What forms to submit to Renesas for placing ROM order and how to get it?

Latest Updated:09/15/2006


[M16C] What forms must be submitted to Renesas sales office for placing a ROM ordering and how can these forms be obtained?


the following forms corresponding to your microcomputer.
(1) Mask ROM Confirmation Form/ROM Programming Confirmation Form
(2) Mark Specification Form
If you already have these forms, please check our website to make sure they are the latest forms.
Suitable Products
Maskfile Converter
4500 Series ROM Ordering
720 Series ROM Ordering
38000 Series ROM Ordering
740/7450/7470 Series ROM Ordering
7600 Series ROM Ordering
7200 Series ROM Ordering
7770 Series ROM Ordering
M16C Family ROM Ordering
R8C Family ROM Programmed Shipment Ordering
QzROM Programmed Shipment Ordering
ASSP ROM Ordering
OSD Controller ROM Ordering