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Warning: L1100(W) Cannot find "XX" specified in option "start"

Latest Updated:11/10/2014


I get the following warning when linking. Why?

L1100(W) Cannot find "XX" specified in option "start"

*XX is the section name.


This warning tells you that an unused section has been specified as a parameter of the –start option.
To remove the condition for this warning, follow the procedure below to delete the unused section specification.(*)

  1. Select [Build] from the High-performance Embedded Workshop, then select [...Standard Toolchains].
  2. Select the [Link/Library] tab in the [...Standard Toolchains] dialog box.
  3. Specify [Section] for Category, and delete the section that is not being used.

(*) If you are using RX family compiler v.1 (for CS+), the procedure is as follows.

  1. Click on the build tool in the Project Tree of CS+, and select the [Link Options] tab in the [Property] panel.
  2. Select [Section start address] in the [Section] category and delete the unused section.
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