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Time clients hold floating licenses

Latest Updated:02/07/2017


How long does a floating license reside on a client PC?


When using a floating license while connected with a license server, the license resides on a client PC for 30 minutes after it is obtained at the start of building.

If building has not finished after the 30 minutes have elapsed, the client PC retains the license for another 30 minutes. This cycle is repeated until building is finished.

You can also obtain and release the license manually in offline mode.


When executing commands in exe files of a compiler, you don’t have to start the CS+, the license will reside at the start of building.

When you obtain the license manually in offline mode, you can hold it for a fixed period. It will not be released automatically even while connected to a network during the period.

Note that you can also release the license manually before the expiration period.

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