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Is it right that error occurs because the buffer of compiler overflows?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


When many #define statements are used, the following error is output during compilation.

eel750.h 349 cafe850 fatal error: F2120:
 compiler limit: preprocessor token buffer overflow [65753] 
Total error(s) : 1  Total warning(s) : 0

I guess this error occurs because the preprocessor buffer of the C compiler overflows as a result of using too many preprocessors. Is this right?


This error occurs because the length of the expanded character strings in the macro definitions exceeds the limit during preprocessor processing.
To solve this problem, try increasing the limit number by using the -Xm option, which increases the maximum number of macro definitions (when -Xm is not specified, num is assumed to be 2047, and when ?Xm is specified, a value of up to 32767 can be specified).
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