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How to check programs if they were built by product version or not?

Latest Updated:12/01/2014


I am using the CA78K0R compiler for RL78 and 78K0R products or the CA78K0 for 78K0 products. How can I check programs to see whether they were built by the product version or the free evaluation version?


You can tell which version has been used for building by opening the linkage map and checking the prefix to the version number.

Product version: The prefix to the version number is V, e.g. V1.70.
Free evaluation version: The prefix to the version number is W, e.g. W1.70.

Suitable Products
C Compiler Package for RL78 and 78K Families
Compiler for RL78 Family and 78K0R [CA78K0R]
Compiler for 78K0R [CC78K0R]
Assembler Package for 78K0R [RA78K0R]
Compiler for 78K0 [CA78K0]
Compiler for 78K0 [CC78K0]
Assembler Package for 78K0 [RA78K0]