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How to avoid error message using High-performance Embedded Workshop?

Latest Updated:11/30/2012


When using High-performance Embedded Workshop, in case the message "Not available now." is displayed at watch window or I can not refer a variable correctly, why this happens?, and tell me how to avoid it.


  1. In case of displaying “Not available now”
    1. In case the Debug option is not specified by toolchain such as compiler or assembler.
      In case the Debug option is not specified by toolchain, it can not refer the variable because there is no debug information.
      Re-make the absolute file with specifying debug option by toolchain.
    2. In case there is no variable in the range of scope
      You cannot refer if local variable does not exist in the range of scope. The range of scope indicates the function including the value of the current program counter. You can refer local variable with watch window only if there is a program counter in function where is used that variable.

      Note that it has revised so that you can refer the variable on each scope (file local or global) from High-performance Embedded Workshop V.4.03. This allow you to refer same name variable where is different scope.
    3. In case variable is defined with #define.
      The variable defined with #define is not able to be referred by watch window.
    4. In case variable itself does not exist due to optimization of toolchain.
      The optimization function of toolchain analyzes program structure and deletes unnecessary (redundant) transaction. The deleted variable is not able to be referred with watch window. If you want to release from to be optimized, switch optimization off or define the variable as volatile.
    5. In case the output file type of the compiler is not a machine-language program (*.obj) but an assembly program (*.src).
      When  the compiler option -code=asmcode is used, the output files can not be debugged in source-level of C language because the files are builded through the assembler.
  2. In case you can not refer variable correctly.
    If variable is not referred correctly in watch window, the value which is set to corresponded variable in source code may not be set correctly in debug information. Execute build with switching compiler’s optimization option off, and then check the value of variable again.
    1. How to switch compiler’s optimization option off.
      Specify -optimize=0 in compiler’s optimization option
      (Specify -optimize=debug only in case of SH family)
    2. How to switch optimization off only the file which is defined the functions which the variable is not able to be referred correctly in watch window.
      Select [build] → [XXXX-Standard Toolchain] from High-performance Embedded Workshop menu. Select the file which the function is defined from the list where is left side of dialog when setting option with invoked dialog, and specify -optimize=0. (-optimize= debug only in case of SH family)
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