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How can I confirm the hexadecimal data in the mask file?

Latest Updated:09/15/2006


How can I confirm the hexadecimal data in the mask file?


Confirm the hexadecimal data by generating a file using the hexadecimal data file abstraction function provided in the MM.
The hexadecimal file extracted from the mask file (V.3.00 or later can also create Intel HEX format or extended Intel HEX format) will be in Motorola format. To verify that the hexadecimal data registered in the mask file is correct or not, write this extracted hexadecimal data to an EPROM MCU or Flash ROM MCU, or use a debugger to confirm proper operations on your own system.
In addition, you can confirm the extracted hexadecimal data file with the contents of the original hexadecimal data file processed in the MM using the data conveyor function of an EPROM writer.
When confirming the data in the Renesas Original HEX format, please use the following procedure.
1. Generate a hexadecimal data file for the MM using a development tool.
2. Generate the mask file with the MM.
3. Extract the hexadecimal data file from the mask file with the MM.
4. Transfer the extracted hexadecimal data file to the EPROM writer.
5. Transfer the data in Intel HEX format to the PC from the EPROM writer.
6. Confirm the operations of the hexadecimal file (from step 5) on the debugger.
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