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How are load module files divided to output in building?

Latest Updated:11/19/2014


I'm using the SH compiler. How are load module files divided and output in building?


Load module files can be divided into output ranges (addresses or sections) by using an option of the optimizing linkage editor.

Please specify the option when building, follow these steps:

  1. Select the High-performance Embedded Workshop menu [Build] -> [SuperH RISC engine Standard Toolchain]
  2. Select the [Link/Library] tab, and then select the following settings.
    [Category]: Output
    [Show entries for]: Divide output files
  3. Select the [Divide output files] checkbox.
  4. Specify the file name and the output range (address or section) after division.

For details on the -output option, refer to the following section here.

  • SuperH C/C++ Compiler Package V.9.04 User's Manual
    Section 4 Optimizing Linkage Editor Options
    4.2.2 Output Options

When the following types are specified as [Type of output file] in the High-performance Embedded Workshop, divided multiple load module files (*.mot, *.hex, or *.bin) and an *.abs file are generated.

  • S type via absolute
  • HEX via absolute
  • Binary via absolute
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