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E0204001 Error [RSK for RL78/G13]

Last Updated:02/14/2018


I'm using the Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/G13.
Following error message is shown when downloading the program from CubeSuite+ to the RL78/G13 MCU via E1 debugger.

Download failed.

[Direct Error Cause]
No response from the CPU. Please confirm the signal of the CLOCK or RESET,WAIT and so on.(E1200416)



This error occurs when the versions of the monitor program written the RL78/G13 on the CPU Board and E1 debugger monitor program are different. 
Immediately after the error occured, disconnect the USB cable from the E1 debugger to reset the state of the E1 debugger, then reconnect the USB cable to the E1 debugger.
Open the RL78 E1 (Serial) Property, and set the "Erase flash ROM when starting" on the Connect Settings tab to YES, to download the program.




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Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/G13