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Tasks/interrupts do not work as expected while using the RI600V4

Last Updated:05/31/2017


Although using the real-time OS RI600V4, no interrupt occurs and tasks do not work as expected after the first interrupt handler is executed.


Please make sure that the following header files are included in the source of the interrupt handler.

If using the source of a project without an OS, note the following:

The interrupt handler and the exception handler must be registered using a CF file.
Note: The source for the interrupt vector table is not needed.

If "#pragma interrupt <interrupt-handler-function name>...” is written in the line just before the interrupt handler function, delete or comment out the line.
Note: In the RI600V4, "#pragma interrupt <interrupt-handler-function name>..." is output in kernel_id.h that is generated by the configurator.

Do not declare the interrupt handler function as static.
Note: In the RI600V4, the function is referenced from the interrupt vector table that is generated by the configurator.

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