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RI600V4 sample project for RX71M

Last Updated:05/31/2017


Is there any RI600V4 sample project for RX71M?



Create an RI600V4 sample project for RX71M from that for RX64M.

Close the open project in CS+, and then display the Start panel.
In “Open Sample Project” area, select “RX64M_RI600V4” in the [RX] tab, and then click the [GO] button. 

When you specify a copy destination in the “Browse For Folder” dialog box, an RI600V4 project (RX64M_RI600V4) for RX64M is generated. 

If there is no “RI600V4 (Realtime OS)” in the project tree, please select the CS + menu [Tool] - [Plug-in Setting] and check all modules starting with “Realtime OS”.

Change the project name.
Right-click on the project name on the root of the project tree and select [Rename] on the context menu.
Tentatively, change the project name to RX71M_RI600V4.

Change the microcontroller.
Right-click on "R5F564MLDxFC (microcontroller)" on the project tree, and then select [Change microcontroller...] on the context menu.

Select the product name of RX71M in the “Change Microcontroller” dialog box. 
At the beginning of development, if a simulator is used, any product name can be specified. 
If an emulator is used, change the product name to the corresponding MCU.

First, build the project and check its operation. 

You can change the root folder name of the created project as desired after terminating CS+.
The root folder name of the project does not affect CS+ operation.

To open the project again, double-click on the file named “<project-name>.mtpj” just below the project root folder.

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