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In some cases, "acre tsk" may return "E NOID" after "exd tsk" is called

Last Updated:03/22/2017


E_NOID  (No ID available) error mey be returned when “acre_tsk” (Create task and assign task ID automatically) is called after the execution of “exd_tsk” (Exit current task and delete it), 


This error can occur for the following reasons.
1. The service call “exd_tsk” has not been executed.  
When a task ends, "ext_tsk" is normally called. Therefore, The task ID is not returned and becomes unavailable.

2. “ext_tsk” has been coded, not “exd_tsk”.

3. On the HI7000/4, the target ID of “acre_tsk” (Create task and assign task ID automatically) is “CFG_STSTKID+1 to the maximum ID”, not “1 to the maximum ID”. “1 to CFG_STSTKID” is a task using static stack. Therefore, even when “exd_tsk” is called for the task, “acre_tsk” may not be applied.
Suitable Products
HI7000/4 Real-time OS for SuperH Family