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Adding FIT module to RI600V4/RI600PX sample projects using FIT

Last Updated:03/22/2017


Please tell me how to add a FIT module to RI600V4 or RI600PX sample project using FIT (CS+ version).


1.    Add a folder of FIT module source files to the project.
With Windows explorer, drag and drop the copied folder  to the “File” of CS+ Project tree.
In the “Add folder and file” dialog, select "C source" and "Header file" as file types, then set a value over the maximum number of layers and press the OK button.
This adds all the paths in the FIT module to the compiler option "Additional Include Path".

2.    Exclude tthe registration line of all interrupt handlers in FIT module.
Exclude "#pragma interrupt" lines in the FIT module source.
Remove "static" declaration of an interrupt handler function.

//#pragma interrupt (rspi_spri0_isr(vect = VECT(RSPI0, SPRI0)))
 void rspi_spri0_isr(void)

Note: “platform.h” or “kernel.h” and “kernel_id.h” must have been included in the interrupt handler’s source file. If neither of them has been included, include either .

3.    Register the interrupt handler to the configuration file.
Register the interrupt handler in FIT module to the configuration file sample.cfg.
The interrupt vector number should be the same as the VECT macro number following "#pragma interrupt".

       //Macro VECT(RSPI0, SPRI0) -> VECT_RSPI0_SPRI0 -> 38
           os_int = NO;
           entry_address = rspi_spri0_isr();
           pragma_switch = E,ACC;

The FIT modules included in the sample projects using FIT “r_bsp” and “r_cmt_rx” have been customized for RTOS.
Do not overwrite them with FIT modules that have the same module name such as the latest version.

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