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What does the error "0600 (A): Internal Error" mean?

Last Updated: 11/14/2017


When the IE-70000-PC-IF-C and MI-78K0S are connected and the ID78K0S is started up, the error "0600 (A): Internal Error" is output. What does that mean?


This is probably due to the fact that the IE interface IE-70000-PC-IF-C side settings and the Windows side settings do not match.
Please perform settings in the following sequence.

The following answer applies to Windows 95 and Windows 98.
(In the case of Windows NT and Windows 2000, refer to the functions relevant to each OS.)

  1. Select the system from the control panel.
  2. In the system properties, select the device manager.
    With the computer selected, click Properties, and in the resource display, select the I/O port address.
  3. As a result, the list of addresses used as a system is displayed, so search for and take a note of a 16-byte empty space from XX0 in the interval from 200 to 3FF.
  4. Next, start up the multifunction adapter, display the NEC IE-PC interface card properties, and set the above address with [Resource] -> [Change Settings].
    Shut down the PC. (For details on the method for changing the settings, refer to the explanation in the driver's disc.)
  5. Moreover, set the same address to DIP-SW of the IE-70000-PC-IF-C.
  6. Set the IE board to the PC and start up the PC.
  7. Set this address to EXPC.INI.

If the addresses set to these 3 locations do not exactly match, IE does not start up.

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