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The FAQs on using the E10A-USB

Last Updated:11/01/2017


The FAQs on using the E10A-USB


See the following FAQs.

Please confirm each item of [Differences between the MCU and the Emulator] on the [E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for User's Manual], if it is "these are not helpful" or "problem is not on the list".
You can download [E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for User's Manual] from here.

Summary of Problem
Suitable MCU
Detail of Problem
An error message appears
An error message appears, and I cannot go on debugging.
Problem on installing/setting up All The MCU part name I am using doesn't appear in the device group selection screen when I install the emulator software on my PC. 107028
When setting up the E10A-USB emulator, I got an error message "Shift the switch for setting up the emulator to '1' and reinsert the USB cable", and setup procedures did not start. 102612
Problem on creating a new project All When I select [Debug] in the High-performance Embedded Workshop menu, what should I select from the list that is offered for setting the [Target] in the [Debug Setup] dialog. 106702
The target MCU does not show up in the [CPU Select] pull down menu of the [CPU Select] dialog box displayed at the time the emulator is connected. 106704
Problem on connecting All The "Connect" icon does not appear on the screen and I can't select [Debug] -> [Connect]. 106958
When I start up the HEW, the Interface and Channel fields in the Driver Details dialog box are empty. 107360
In the PC which uses a device that virtually assigns the USB port to TCP/IP, the E10A-USB emulator software is not initiated normally, and the High-performance Embedded Workshop terminates abnormally. 1010233
Cannot refer to the value on the memory correctly All I cannot refer to the value of variables correctly. 1000062
Set register but cannot allow the setting All I tried to write a value to the I/O register with the emulator but it won't allow a rewrite. 107022
Problem about Break Function All While the program is running, it is transferred from ROM to RAM. However, when I set a software break in the program that was sent to RAM, the program doesn't break. 106706
When I execute a program, which uses DMA transfer, after setting software breaks during debug in the on-chip Flash memory area, the following error is displayed and the emulator will not operate.
Error message: Communication timeout error
Problem on operating High-performance Embedded Workshop at windows All Unable to open the memory window and the memory display is dimmed and unavailable. 107362
I can't get the watch window to display. In addition, I am now unable to select watch or instant watch from the menu. 102245
I want to register the assembler symbol in the watch window, but it is already set to "int type". 106812
Can a macro name defined in the define string be monitored in the watch window? 106963
Task trace window and task analyze window are not displayed. 107553
Time is not displayed in task trace window and task analyze window. 107552
I can't get the command to execute. 107033
There is no correspondence between the line of the source code and the object code. 1000062
Problem on downloading All Downloading is slower than before. 106737
I can't download the user program with the E10A-USB emulator. 107034
When I download my program, the following message is displayed on the screen: "Can't find flash memory tool file" 107344
SH Family The following error dialog pops up when I download a program to the internal Flash ROM using the E10A-USB emulator for SH MCUs and click GO (execute program).
Error: "Flash memory write error! Change device"
H8S Family
H8SX Family
I am currently using the H8S/H8SX external flash memory write function, but an error is generated when I erase the Flash memory. 106944
I am using the external flash memory write function on the H8S (H8SX). After I start the E10A-USB, set the items in the [External Flash memory setting] dialog box and select OK, I get the following message and nothing happens.
Error message: Invalid value
I am using the external flash memory write function on the H8S (H8SX). I followed the instructions in the application note for correcting the program to be written to the memory and setting the items in the External Flash memory setting dialog box. However, the following problem occurs and the write can't be executed successfully.
  • If the program size exceeds the flash memory block size, the write cannot be executed successfully (the program written to the Flash memory will runaway).
  • No error will be generated while programming.
  • When I check the contents of the flash memory, the even-numbered blocks (Block 0, Block 2, etc.) have been deleted.
When I specify address ranges is over 4M bytes or input a value that exceeds D’256 as the block count with the E10A-USB external flash memory debug function, an error message is displayed and the memory cannot be set. 1000312
When using the external flash write function in an H8/H8SX Family MCU to execute a program, the PFCR (port function control register) setting is automatically rewritten. 106968
Problem about Program execution time SH Family I find the program execution time takes long than expected. 1000472
Problem about Checksum All Please explain how the sum value is calculated in the E10A-USB Writing flash memory mode. 106740
Is the E10A-USB faulty? All When I execute a test program for the E10A-USB emulator, I get the following messages:

When I execute a test program for the E10A-USB emulator, I get the following error message:
“Please remove user system and press <Enter> Key.”
Tips and etc All I have lost the CD-ROM that came with the emulator when I purchased it. How can I install the emulator without the CD-ROM? 1000191
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