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Self-checking program error (Error 1503)

Last Updated:06/07/2017


An abnormal termination and a communication error occur while using the E1 with CS+ and RFP, and the E1 does not work normally. Then when I executed the self-checking program of the E1 emulator, “Error 1503” occurred.

Is this something wrong with the E1 emulator?


“Error 1503” is an error on the power supply output function from the E1 emulator.
It may occur when the E1 emulator is used via a USB hub. Therefore, do not use a USB hub to use the E1 emulator.
(If the CS+ or RFP is terminated forcibly, connect and disconnect the USB connector to the emulator, and then reconnect them.)

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)

Renesas Flash Programmer

E1 Emulator