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Is H-UDI port connectors and CPU terminal has same method E10A emulator

Latest Updated:09/10/2007


Is the connection method between H-UDI port connectors and each terminal of CPU the same as the E10A emulator ? (About devices supported also by E10A emulator)


Two types of the connection methods are available for the E10A-USB emulator.

  1. Connect a UVcc terminal to a H-UDI port connector (recommended)

  2. Do not connect a UVcc terminal to a H-UDI port connector (the same method as E10A emulator).

E10 A-USB recommends Method.1 which connects UVcc of a target system to prevent leakage current from the E10 A-USB emulator.

When the power of the E10A-USB emulator is on ( E10A-USB emulator is being inserted into your PC, and it is on), and a target system is off, the line voltage of the target device (target system) may become higher around 1.2V to1.4V than normal due to the leakage current from the E10A-USB emulator. This may disable power-on reset. Therefore, Method 1 is recommended.

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