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Error message-The multi-core server is not registered_E10A-USB

Last Updated:10/11/2017


I am using the E10A-USB for SH family multi-core MCUs (HS0005KCU04H or HS0005KCU14H). When I select [Debug] → [Synchronized Debugging] from the menu, the following message is displayed and the synchronized debug does not run. Is there a workaround for this problem?

Error message: ”The multi-core server is not registered; this function cannot be used.”


The cause of this problem may be multiple High-performance Embedded Workshops installed on the host computer. With multiple High-performance Embedded Workshops installed, it is possible that the currently “active” High-performance Embedded Workshop and the High-performance Embedded Workshop you started up are different, thus generating this error.

From the Windows start menu, select [All programs] → [Renesas] → [MultipleInstall Manager], and open the [Maintenance] window. The current active High-performance Embedded Workshop is indicated on the left side by the word “Active.” Make sure the word “Active” is displayed to the left of the High-performance Embedded Workshop installed with the E10A-USB software for SH family multi-core MCUs. If not, set accordingly.

In addition, when starting up High-performance Embedded Workshop, do one of the following. Select the following from the Windows start menu before High-performance Embedded Workshop startup: [All programs] → [Renesas] → [High-performance Embedded Workshop] → [High-performance Embedded Workshop]. 
Double-click on a workspace (a file with the .hws extension), then startup High-performance Embedded Workshop.

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